Calls for projects


Call 3 : Strengthening education on natural risks at primary, secondary and higher levels

Submission deadline : 2023-04-30

Project duration

Expected start: July 2023 – Expected end: 31 December 2024 (final report included).


GO. Strengthen a Caribbean-based framework for education and research on geohazards and climate change.

SO1. Improve primary, secondary and higher education on geohazards, in a Caribbean context.

SO2. Promote a multidisciplinary approach where sciences that address geohazards and climate change are taught in Earth System-type programs.

SO3. Promote education programs that include a strong socio-economic component and focus on how adaptation or mitigation solutions can guide R&I efforts.

SO4. Improve intra-Caribbean exchanges of data, knowledge and experience on geohazards and climate change.

SO5. Use digital technology to increase remote collaboration among primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions.

SO6. Develop initiatives that can guide public policies in primary, secondary and tertiary education in the management of natural hazards and climate change